TeXLive 2012 (MorphOS)

Port of TeXLive from http://www.tug.org/texlive/. MorphOS only.


Download is only available via bittorrent since my upload is rather slow.


Just extract the archive and double klick “Startup TeX”, then you should be able to compile the example. You can do this either by double click “Make PDF” or using make. This is the complete distribution, therefore no further downloads or installation steps are needed.


  • I recommend using Scribble to edit tex files, then you can compile and view your documents by clicking the compile button of Scribble.
  • Start VPDF in advance, then you do not need to close VPDF before you can compile it again.
  • In this version of TeXLive pdftex is the only app you need. Using pdflatex means running
    pdftex --progname=pdflatex 
    If you want to use latex type
    pdftex --progname=latex
  • Since some parts do not work (see below) I recommend using dvips and manually start ghostscript if you want to use latex with dvi output.

Now, what works?

Anything related to tex, latex, pdftex, pdflatex etc. Also all feature loaded packages I’ve tested work (e.g. pgfplots, tikz, amsmath, beamer etc.). Also bibtex works. So that’s all I need.

What does not work?

Anything that needs ghostscript (seems that ghostscript does not work well with this TeXLive). That includes dvipdfm, epstopdf etc. Also luatex and xetex do not compile at the moment. Some other tools also, mainly the unicode stuff as far as I can see, e.g. bibtexu.


If your tex files need missing fonts, the font files are converted as usual, but then pdftex complains that they do not exist and exits. That’s no problem, just compile again until all fonts are created, then compiling works

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