Front view of the complete ESD EX80 system

Some time has passed since my last update on my Z80 computer and a lot of things have changed. First, I summarize some specs from the past posts and will not go deeply into details here. You can find more details here: Z80 Single Board Computer, Z80 work in progress.

  • MCU: Z80 (Z8400B) at 7.3728 MHz, NMOS version for no real reason, CMOS would also be ok
  • RAM: 628128 SRAM (128k available with bank switching, see text)
  • ROM: AT28C64 EEPROM, AT28C256 possible (see text)
  • Internal display: 320×240 TFT with ILI9325 controller
  • External video (b/w), 80×25 characters
  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • 1.44 MB floppy disk, compatible with normal PCs
  • CP/M 2.2
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